A decor to calm your mind and spirit.


Nowadays, people are dealing with psychological problems caused by economic problems, personal life, family, and school. To solve these problems, meditation products spring up.
We provide a variety of meditation products by integrating local resources and a strong design team to reinforce the diversity of our products. Every quarter, we create a variety of new meditation products for your selection.

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

Self-owned factory: We provide fast and flexible sample proofing services.


benefit 2

One-stop Service: We can design and manufacture the wind chimes, and arrange the shipment for you.

Design process for wind chime

benefit 3

Creative Design: Our professional and experienced design team can help you develop new styles of meditation decor.

High Quality Metal

benefit 4

High-quality Material: We insist on using high-quality materials to create meditation products. All of our items can pass the CA65 test.

Manufacturing Process

The type of chime described here is a traditional, percussion wind chime made of aluminum tubes, any of a variety of types and shapes of wood as the top, braided nylon string that is used to attach the tubes to their top and the top to the hanger, and metal fasteners or nails to clip the strings to the wood.

Raw Materials

#1: Raw Materials

We insist on using high-quality and eco-friendly materials.

Customized Design

#2 Design

Our professional and creative designing team can design wind chimes for you, or provide useful suggestions.

#3 Manufacturing

With a self-owned factory, every step of manufacturing is carefully controlled.

#4 Packaging

We provide various packing options such as bulk packaging, brown boxes, and customized gift boxes.

Client Testimonials

“I'm so pleased with these wind chimes. The sound is gentle and mellow, the seller was very conscientious about the transaction and I am enjoying their soothing tones. ”
Jane Smith
“Very good value for the money and well made. Not loud or annoying. I have it placed where I can hear it when I sit on my deck. I would rate it more of a lower tone so if you want louder you should purchase one that has bigger chimes..”
Zoey Liang
“Very nice soft lower pitch chime. After being in the weather for a few months, during a rather windy storm a piece of the wood at the top broke. It was easily repaired with wood glue. Good as new. 😁 Love this wind chime!.”
Tim D Vanderfolf

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