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33” Chakra Crystal Stainless Steel Spinner

Product Features

  1. Size: Total height is approximately 83cm.
  2. Good Weather Resistance: The stainless steel allows consumers to hang them outside in the garden.
  3. Chakra Crystal: Designed for Yoga and Meditation.
    Mirror Polished Surface: Mirror polished stainless steel creates an extra dazzling effect.

Product componenets

Take a look at our beautiful chakra spinner! It is an excellent decoration for those who are interested in meditation.

Durable and High Quality

33” Chakra Crystal Stainless Steel Spinners are made with high quality stainless steel; they have good weather resistance and can be hung outdoors. The spinners are mirror polished and the chakra are made with k9 crystal.

Spinning Design

Multiple layers can be opened to create different angles, catching the breeze to spin. Spinning design makes 33” Chakra Crystal Stainless Steel Spinner the most eye-catching decoration in your home or garden.

Easy Hanging

Comes with a hook that enables 33” Chakra Crystal Stainless Steel Spinner to spin easily and also easy to hang. No extra tools are needed to assemble, simply unpack and use.

Beautiful Design

With detailed pattern engraved on the top of the spinner, mirror polished stainless steel reflect ambient light, and the colorful crystal create dazzling rainbow colors.

Multiple Usage

33” Chakra Crystal Stainless Steel Spinner can be used indoors and outdoors, for meditation use or as a great gift for a friend.
When used indoors, we recommend to match it with a small motor.

33” Chakra Crystal Stainless Steel Spinner


Sea glass wind chime live

Feature One

ECO Friendly Material: Made with beech wood, aluminum, and recyclable glass, 98% of our sea glass wind chime is recyclable.

Sea glass wind chime live

Feature Two

Size: Total height is approximately 127cm

Sea glass wind chime live

Feature Three

Customized Color: We provide various color options, the color of hook, glass, frame and tubes, can be customized.

Sea glass wind chime live

Feature Four

Tuned Chime Tubes: All of our wind chimes are hand tuned to a chord.

Wind Chime


Etching is a process of using chemicals to cut into metal surfaces to create a hollowed-out design in the metal. We make the spinner perforation by etching to create delicate patterns.

Yes, our spinners are made of stainless steel, which is weather and waterproof.

Yes, we have had our products tested in an accredited third-party lab to ensure they meet safety standards. Our products comply with the safety standards for both the USA (CA65) and Europe (RoHS, Reach, EMC, and CE).

We could offer samples free of charge. However, shipping costs might occur.

We offer bulk, brown boxes, white boxes, color boxes, mailboxes, and gift box packing for your selection.

Wind Chime ManufactureR

Why Dionysus Artcrafts

Banboo wind chime

Whenever the wind blows through the wind chimes, they will make melodious music, and radiate positive energy all around to infect people’s hearts. Our wind chimes are available in a variety of options including gong wind chimes, single row wind chimes, stained glass wind chimes, mini wind chimes, religious wind chimes, polyphonic wind chimes, and decorative charms and more.

Dionysus Artcrafts Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese company and self-owned factory in Zhejiang. We are a specialist in garden decoration manufacturing, specially tuned chimes, and wind spinners.

Metal wind chime

Customizable Parts

Product customization includes three steps:

  1. Decide the usage and feature
  2. Decide the color, size, and pattern
  3. Decide the packaging
We will provide a mock-up design after you provided your customization requirements, then we can continue to sample proofing after the mock-up is approved. For the suncatcher, the shape and pattern can be adjusted. We can also have your logo and design printed on the product.

we have different shape of spinner

10” Crystal Stainless Steel Spinner

you can print your own design or etching the pattern

Customize Packaging

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Dionysus Artcrafts creates tuned wind chimes designed to provide the best clarity and resonance. We have a unique suspension device with superior materials and craftsmanship. Contact us to get a quote!

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