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4” 9K Crystal Ball LED Night Light Lamp

Product Features

  1. Complete Freedom of Customization: We offer OEM and ODM services, we can put your logo in the crystal ball.
    Size: Total height is approximately 10cm, which makes it easy to put anywhere in your house.
  2. Hight Quality Material: The crystal ball we use is K9 clear crystal ball, and pine wood LED light base.
  3. It is a ready-to-go gift: we pack our products carefully and make sure each of them won’t get scratched.

Product componenets

4” 9K Crystal ball light is a hot-selling gift of home decoration. It is easy to carry with you and light up any place you want.

High-Quality K9 Crystal ball

Our crystal balls are made of fine and high-quality K9 crystal materials with a surface that mirrors light and landscapes most uniquely. Light transmittance, refraction effect, hardness, and texture are much higher than those of resin materials. This crystal orb has a size of 100mm. The pattern inside the crystal ball, using 3D laser engraving technology.

Solid Pine Wood Base

The bases are made of pine wood, applied with teak oil finishing. The teak oil highlights the wood’s beautiful texture and improves weather resistance. The LED light is not only long-lasting but also power-saving. They are as decorative as they are functional!

Brightens Up Any Room

The total size of the product is approximately 10cm, which is easy to put anywhere in your house. You can place the night light anywhere you might want to add more lights or express yourself. It suits any occasion or celebration. Our crystal night light is great for the atmosphere and calm for the home or the office. It is a good gift both as a present and for one’s enjoyment.

Perfectional Customized Service

We have our self-operated factory in China and a Taiwanese designer who has ten more years of design experience. We offer OEM and ODM services, we can help you put the logo you want in crystal balls. Contact us to make your unique 3D crystal ball LED night light!


UV ink dries instantly under UV light while normal ink takes hours. By layering UV ink, we can create embossed colors and lines similar to stained glass, resulting in a unique and visually appealing artwork.


Yes, it can be used for outdoor decorating. The UV printing on our glass products is weather-resistant and can be put outdoors without peeling off.

The size and shape of the glass decor and the design printed on the glass can be customized.

Simply provide us with your artwork in Adobe Illustrator format, or let us know your ideas about the pattern so we can design it for you.

We offer bulk, brown boxes, white boxes, color boxes, mailboxes, and gift box packing for your selection.

Customizable Parts

Product customization includes three steps:

  1. Decide the usage and feature
  2. Decide the color, size, and pattern
  3. Decide the packaging
We will provide a mock-up design after you provided your customization requirements, then we can continue to sample proofing after the mock-up is approved. For the suncatcher, the shape and pattern can be adjusted. We can also have your logo and design printed on the product.

you can design your own pattern

Customize Packaging

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