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24” Hand Painted Wooden Top Tuned Wind Chime

Product Features

  1. Size: Total height is approximately 61cm.
  2. Elegant design: The design is based on the Chinese porcelain style; it is beautiful and unique.
  3. Tuned Chime Tubes: All of our wind chimes are hand-tuned to a chord.
  4. Good weather resistance: Wooden top and sail are applied with clear paint; the tubes are anodized.

Product componenets

The blue and white designs are the most eye-catching feature of this wind chime. It creates an extremely elegant look. The color of the wood and tubes can be customized.

High-quality Solid Wood

A whole piece of solid wood is used for the wind chime top, striker, and wind catcher. Clear paint is applied to the wood which makes the wood waterproof. The coating also sets off the beautiful texture of the wood.

Untangled Strings and Strong hooks

All parts of the wind chime are connected to a strong copper hook with durable double-braided nylon string. The color of the hook and strings can be customized. The string does not get tangled.

Calm and Melodic Tone

High-quality aluminum tubes are used for our Wooden Reversed Stair Top Tuned Wind Chimes. Thick tube walls create an extraordinary tone; the sound is rich and calm. Aluminum-made tubes create a sound that is clear but not sharp, they create unique tones different from iron or brass.

Durable and Waterproof

The top, striker, and sail are applied with a waterproof coating, and the hook and tubes are anodized. This enables Wooden Top Tuned Wind Chimes to be put outdoors without becoming rusty.

Listen to the clear and melodic sound of 24” Hand Painted Wooden Top Tuned Wind Chime, and enjoy the unique and elegant design!

FAQs about Wind Chimes

Wind chimes can be made from many metals such as copper and aluminum, and even wood. You can also make wind chimes from other materials, such as glass, bamboo and seashells. The sounds will be lower and deeper if the tubes are longer and larger.

Wind chimes have been used in Feng Shui and in Asia as good luck chimes. Around 1100 C.E., wind chimes were modernized. After the Chinese started to make bells. The yong-zhong is a bell that does not have a clapper. It was made by skilled metal artisans and used primarily in religious ceremonies.

Metal Wind Chimes:

Only metal wind chimes are capable of being tuned to particular tones or notes. Metal wind chimes can be tuned to popular songs or themes, and come in many melodies. Metal wind chimes can also be waterproofed and rust-resistant.

Wood Wind Chimes:

This relatively simple set of wooden chimes do not stand out in terms of creative or fanciful design, but people love them for the soft, clear chime as opposed to the harsh or tinny pinging noise other metal chimes can sometimes make.

To cast away bad luck, feng shui suggests hanging a wind chime with five pipes in the house. If a chime has six pipes, it should go in the northwest corner of your house. A chime with seven pipes would be best placed on the west side of the house or office.

FBA fees for wind chimes ranges from USD8.00 to USD11.00, depends on the packaging size and product weight.

Customizable Parts

Product customization includes three steps: Decide the usage and feature, decide the material, color, and size, and decide the packaging. We will provide a mock-up design after you provided your customization requirements, then we can continue to sample proofing after the mock-up is approved. For wind chimes, the shape, material, and color of the top, tubes, and sail can be adjusted. We can also have your logo and design printed on the product.
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Attach other materials (such as glass and crystal) on the wind chime according to your design.

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