Solar Wind Chime

Solar Wind Chime


Solar Wind Chime

Material: Stained Glass, Solar Panel, Aluminum

Size: 21 in.

Application: Garden décor, Home décor, Gift

Experience the enchantment of Solar Wind Chime, a green and eco-friendly solar-powered wind chime. With its solar-charging capability, captivating light effects, warm white illumination, and customizable design, Solar Wind Chime is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Embrace sustainability and beauty with this remarkable solar wind chime. Explore Solar Wind Chime and let its charm captivate your senses.


Experience the convenience of solar charging with Solar Wind Chime. Its high-efficiency solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, providing sustainable power without the need for external sources. Let the sun’s energy shine brightly through this solar wind chime.

Stunning Light Effects

Admire the beauty of Solar Wind Chime’s UV-printed stained glass lampshade. As sunlight passes through, it creates mesmerizing light and shadow effects, showcasing vivid colors. Create a visual feast with this stunning solar wind chime.

Warm White Illumination

Enjoy the cozy ambiance created by Solar Wind Chime’s warm white light. Illuminate your outdoor space with a gentle and inviting glow, adding warmth and charm to your evenings. Embrace the soothing illumination of this solar wind chime.

Customizable Design

Personalize your Solar Wind Chime with custom patterns and colors. Choose from a range of designs to suit your style and preferences, allowing you to create a unique wind chime that complements your outdoor decor. Elevate your outdoor space with a personalized touch.


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Customizable Parts

Solar Wind Chime

Your Own Pattern

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Your Own Pattern, or Drop Crystal

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Customize Packaging

Package Options

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Your design parts

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We can customize the top, tubes, striker, and sail color. We can also do printing on the tubes and sail.

We can silk-print single-color quotes, and we can also print multi-color designs with UV printing technology. The color printing goes all the way around the tube.

Yes, anodized and powder-coated tubes are waterproof, and we apply a transparent coating on the wood to prevent rain from damaging the top and sail.

Tubes with thicker tube walls, longer tubes, and larger diameters have deeper tones.

The three-parameter creates a specific tune for the tube and we adjust each parameter to create a chord.

A simple schematic is ok, and we will make a mock-up for you. For printing designs, we accept Adobe Illustrator files.

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