paw wind chime

Paw Wind Chime


Paw Wind Chime

Material: Alloy, Aluminum

Size: 13 in.

Application: Garden décor, Home décor, Gift

Discover the perfect solution to stand out in the competitive market and captivate customers’ hearts – the Paw Wind Chime. Crafted to add a touch of whimsical charm to any space, this enchanting accessory is designed to attract animal lovers and bring joy to their surroundings. Experience the delightful melodies and adorable paw charm that make the Paw Wind Chime a must-have addition to your home or a thoughtful gift.

Unique and Eye-Catching Designs

 Looking for distinctive products to set your pet supply store apart from the competition? Look no further than the Paw Wind Chime. Its adorable paw charm, expertly crafted with delicate and doom shapes, offers a one-of-a-kind design that catches the eye. With a silver top ring and a sparkling crystal charm that glisten in the sunlight, this wind chime creates a mesmerizing display, making it a sought-after choice for animal lovers seeking something truly special.

Versatile and Easy to Hang – Perfect for Any Space

Searching for a lightweight and compact wind chime that can be easily hung anywhere? The Paw Wind Chime is approximately 34cm in size, designed to be conveniently portable and hassle-free to install. Whether it’s your garden, porch, balcony, or even indoors, this versatile wind chime effortlessly complements any space. Its easy installation allows you to quickly add a touch of whimsy and melodic charm to your chosen area.

Tranquil Melodies for Serene Ambience – Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Transform the gentle breeze into soothing melodies with the Paw Wind Chime. Its melodious sounds create a serene and calming ambiance, ideal for those looking to unwind in their garden or create a peaceful setting at home. When guests search for a wind chime that brings tranquility and relaxation, they’ll find the Paw Wind Chime, designed to create a serene soundscape and enhance the overall atmosphere of any space.

Thoughtful Gift for Animal Lovers – Spread Joy and Love

The Paw Wind Chime goes beyond being just a decorative piece; it’s a heartfelt expression of love for animals. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion, this charming wind chime brings joy and happiness to the hearts of animal lovers. When customers search for a meaningful and unique gift for their loved ones who adore animals, the Paw Wind Chime will captivate their attention and serve as a symbol of their shared love.


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Customizable Parts

paw wind chime

Different Color Crystal Charm

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Design Your Paw

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Customize Packaging

Package Options

Your card and thanks you notes.

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Your color of choices.

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Your logo and brand name

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Your design parts

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We can customize the top, tubes, striker, and sail color. We can also do printing on the tubes and sail.

We can silk-print single-color quotes, and we can also print multi-color designs with UV printing technology. The color printing goes all the way around the tube.

Yes, anodized and powder-coated tubes are waterproof, and we apply a transparent coating on the wood to prevent rain from damaging the top and sail.

Tubes with thicker tube walls, longer tubes, and larger diameters have deeper tones.

The three-parameter creates a specific tune for the tube and we adjust each parameter to create a chord.

A simple schematic is ok, and we will make a mock-up for you. For printing designs, we accept Adobe Illustrator files.

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