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6” Wooden Frame Light Box —Wild Life Series

Product Features

  1. Size: Total size is approximately 15(W)*15(H)* 5(D)cm.
    Customized Picture: We have a professional design team to offer customized services. We can help you create your ideal lightbox.
  2. UV printing technology: We use UV printing to make sure the pattern on the glass would be colorful and lasting.
  3. Durable pine wood frame: The frame is made of pine wood applied with teak oil finishing. Therefore, it can improve weather resistance.

Product componenets

Let your favorite pattern light up your room. You can easily put this wooden frame light box anywhere you might want to add light or express yourself unique stylish. The wildlife series is designed for outdoor people and wildlife lovers. It is great to bring it to a forest cabin or camping tent.

Solid Pine Wood Frame

The frame is made of pine wood, applied with teak oil finishing. The teak oil highlights the beautiful texture of the wood, and also improves weather resistance. Four corners of the frame will be polished; therefore, you don’t have to worry about being cut or injured. The Light inside the box is LED light, not only can long-lasting but power-saving. They are as decorative as they are functional!

Beautiful details and vibrant colors

The pattern on the glass is designed by our design group. We are good at focusing on detail. So far, we have brown bears, solitary eagles, and crows. We use UV printing to make sure every detail can show on the glass even vibrant colors. When the light is through glass, it will be a little 3D. It will bring you a beautiful mood every glance you see it.

Efficient Customer service

If you want to make your own unique wooden frame light box, we can provide that! We can add eye-catching elements to it, we also can change the whole pattern for you. We can take your creativity further by customizing your shape. You can design with complete freedom and with thousands of possibilities, and our designer also can provide you with skillful suggestions to help you. Let us know if you have any ideas!

6” Wooden Frame Light Box —Wild Life Series


UV ink dries instantly under UV light while normal ink takes hours. By layering UV ink, we can create embossed colors and lines similar to stained glass, resulting in a unique and visually appealing artwork.


Yes, it can be used for outdoor decorating. The UV printing on our glass products is weather-resistant and can be put outdoors without peeling off.

The size and shape of the glass decor and the design printed on the glass can be customized.

Simply provide us with your artwork in Adobe Illustrator format, or let us know your ideas about the pattern so we can design it for you.

We offer bulk, brown boxes, white boxes, color boxes, mailboxes, and gift box packing for your selection.

Customizable Parts

Product customization includes three steps:

  1. Decide the usage and feature
  2. Decide the color, size, and pattern
  3. Decide the packaging
We will provide a mock-up design after you provided your customization requirements, then we can continue to sample proofing after the mock-up is approved. For the suncatcher, the shape and pattern can be adjusted. We can also have your logo and design printed on the product.

Customize Packaging

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