Mosaic Glass Candle Holder, Stained Glass Candle Holder

12 Colors Stained Glass Candle Holder


12 Colors
Stained Glass Candle Holder

Material: Glass, Glass Pieces, Cement Adhesive

Size: 2.36in. x 3.27in. x 2.68in.

Application: Home décor, GiftTabletop décor, Scented Candle, Flowerpot, Pen Holder

The Stained Glass Candle Holders blend colors and light to create an awe-inspiring visual experience. Each holder is carefully handcrafted to perfection, making it a magnificent addition to any space, room, or desk.  You’ll be thrilled to offer these exquisite candle holders that promise to captivate hearts and illuminate spaces with their mesmerizing artistry. Let’s delve into the details of this unique product:

Mesmerizing Colored Glass

These stained glass candle holders boast a splendid assortment of clear glass pieces in various colors. When illuminated by the candlelight, they scatter a mesmerizing array of vivid and radiant hues, transforming your ambiance into a kaleidoscope of beauty.

Diverse Color Palette

Available in two distinct color palettes, these candle holders come in a total of twelve captivating shades. Whether you prefer a vibrant burst of colors, there’s a perfect match for every style and occasion.

Handcrafted Artistry

Our skilled artisans pour their passion and creativity into each candle holder. The delicate glass pieces are meticulously arranged by hand and firmly set with a cement adhesive, ensuring both durability and unique detailing that make every piece one-of-a-kind.

Enhance Corporate Ambiance

These candle holders not only create a calming and inviting atmosphere but also reflect the commitment to quality and aesthetics that your company embodies. 


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Customizable Parts

Mosaic Glass Candle Holder, Stained Glass Candle Holder

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Customize Packaging


UV ink dries instantly under UV light while normal ink takes hours. By layering UV ink, we can create embossed colors and lines similar to stained glass, resulting in a unique and visually appealing artwork.


Yes, it can be used for outdoor decorating. The UV printing on our glass products is weather-resistant and can be put outdoors without peeling off.

The size and shape of the glass decor and the design printed on the glass can be customized.

Simply provide us with your artwork in Adobe Illustrator format, or let us know your ideas about the pattern so we can design it for you.

We offer bulk, brown boxes, white boxes, color boxes, mailboxes, and gift box packing for your selection.

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